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Renting properties in Japan is very complicated and has its own rules.
Use our bilingual consulting services.

Let me hear your budget, area which you want to live, and we will search the suitable properties from 5,000,000 properties registered in REINS (Real Estate Information Network System) and 710,000 properties from UR(Urban Renaissance Agency) .


If you want to keep the initial cost down, UR properties are recommended.
Private property generally requires;

  1.  brokerage fee
  2.  security deposit
  3.  key money

but UR property does not require (1) and (3).


UR properties do not require a guarantor.
Private properties usually require a guarantor or a guarantor company.


Normally,  private properties require a renewal fee every two years, but UR properties do not require a renewal fee.


Some of the UR properties are old or located far from the station, but large-scale and regular renovations are being carried out, and they are well managed. Therefore, there are many modern and beautiful rooms in spite of the age of the building.

Compared to private properties in the neighborhood, it is spacious and the rent market goes down accordingly.
If there are UR properties in your desired area, we can guide you to both.

Reference example of rent market

Since the property is fluid, the floor plan and rent below are for reference only.
Rent ranges depend on the area and the quality.
We will listen to your wishes and then look for the properties. 

Followings are the brief comparison between Private rental market and UR market.

Private rent market and UR market Comparison in Chiba & Tokyo

Private rent market (Chiba) : Monthly rent range ¥22,000~¥330,000

UR properties (Chiba) : Monthly rent range ¥36,900~¥184,900

Private rent market (Tokyo)  : Monthly rent range ¥23,000~¥550,000

UR properties (Tokyo) : Monthly rent range ¥77,300~¥298,200




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